Laughter is the Best Medicine!


Laughter is the Best Medicine!


It has been said that you don’t stop laughing because you’re old, but you grow old because you stop laughing.  Laughter has been proven to be a wonderful anti-aging weapon and the best part about it is that it is free and available to everyone!

Humor helps us put our lives in perspective and not take ourselves too seriously.  Laughing uses many of our muscles, which stimulate our immune system.  When we laugh we are also exercising our minds.  This helps us keep mentally fit and add fun and enjoyment to our lives.   

Research has shown that for the most part, our longevity is based on our attitudes, beliefs and coping skills.  People who live the longest are optimistic, handle change in a positive way, enjoy friends and family and are able to cope with loss.  You may add years to your life by believing you are youthful and expecting to live a very long, healthy and happy life.

We all need to relax.  “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”  Stress is the most harmful factor when it comes to aging.  It causes wrinkles, indigestion, poor absorption of vitamins and minerals by the body and over time can greatly deteriorate the body.  This is another reason to bring laughter and humor into your day.  With laughter, negative emotions and stress are pushed away.  Laughter exercises our body by stimulating heart and blood circulation, improving lung capacity, along with exercising facial and abdominal muscles.

We can stimulate laughter by watching funny movies, reading a funny book or jokes, but the best laughter comes from the funny things we think, hear or share with others.  Don’t be afraid to be silly or laugh at yourself.  It may be your best medicine. 

I recently attended a conference where we were told to fire any employees who did not laugh or smile regularly while at work. Smiling and laughing creates a healthy, happy environment for residents and employees.  I have always told my employees that they need to look happy and smile, even if they don’t feel like it.  This will make others happy and soon, they will feel happy too. It works!

“Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine.” George Gordon Byron

Submitted by Carol McKee, RN, Farrar Home Administrator



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